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Officeinsight achieves ISO 9001 quality management

Officeinsight achieves ISO 9001 quality management

Officeinsight achieves ISO 9001 quality management

Officeinsight is pleased to announce that we have achieved ISO 9001 accreditation, this article explores the inception of the ISO 9001 standard, its fundamental requirements and how it will continually improve our office design, office refurbishment and office fit out offering. 

Why did Office Insight set out to achieve ISO 9001:2015?

We wanted to show our unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to providing the best possible service to our clients, every time. This standard also emphasizes the involvement of employees during the process and, by engaging employees in these initiatives it can increase morale, motivation and provide a sense of ownership towards the company’s success.

What is ISO 9001?

In a short summary, ISO 9001 is a globally recognized standard for Quality Management and, it’s developed and maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This standard helps organizations to not only improve their performance but ensures that they consistently deliver their products and/or services to meet their customers’ expectations as well as demonstrating their commitment to quality. The requirements set out define how to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve a quality management system.


1987 is when ISO 9001 was first published and was focused on quality assurance and documentation requirements. In 1994, is was revised with emphasis on the importance on involvement from management and a process approach. It was only in the year 2000 that the ISO 9000 family received a significant overhaul as 3 standards (9001, 9002 & 9003) were merged into one and became 9001:2000, this new approach introduced the concept of continuous improvement and a process-based approach. ISO 9001 had a small revision made in 2008 where there were no requirements added to the standard instead, it provided a clearer understanding on the existing sections. The last revision to be made was in 2015, when ISO 9001:2015 was introduced. This version had a structure that made is easier to integrate multiple management systems. This version also focuses on more risk-based thinking and, covered a few more areas than the previous versions.

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What fundamental requirements must a company have to gain ISO 9001:2015?

In order to achieve ISO 9001 certification, a company is required to meet a number of requirements that are outlined within the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The standard sets out the criteria for a Quality Management System, some of the key requirements include;

  • Quality Policy – this aligns with our purpose and strategic direction and, provides a framework for setting quality objectives. 
  • Quality Objectives – these are measurable items that contribute to the overall performance.
  • Context of the Organization – this is used to understand the internal/external factors that can have an affect on our ability to achieve the intended outcomes of the QMS (Quality Management System) also involve identifying any interested parties and their requirements.
  • Risk-based thinking – By adopting a risk based approach we can identify and address any risks/opportunities that may affect our products & services as well as enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Leadership & Commitment – demonstrates the commitment to the QMS from leadership within the company by ensuring that quality requirements have been integrated into the companies business processes, policies and strategic objectives.
  • Customer focus – Understand and meet customer requirements, enhance customer satisfaction, and strive to exceed customer expectations.
  • Process approach - Adopt a process approach to managing the company. This involves identifying, understanding, and managing connected processes as a system to achieve the companies objectives
  • Documentation & Record keeping - Develop and maintain the necessary documentation required for the QMS. This includes documented information needed to support the operation of processes and ensure the effective planning, operation, and control of its processes.
  • Monitoring and measurement - Establish processes for monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation to ensure that the QMS is effective. Included in this is monitoring customer satisfaction, internal audits, and measurement of key performance indicators.
  • Continuous improvement - Commit to continually improving the effectiveness of the QMS by addressing nonconformities, taking corrective actions, and implementing preventive actions.
  • Supplier relationships - Establish mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and other external parties that can affect the company’s ability to provide products and services.

What are the benefits with engaging with an office design and fit out company who has ISO 9001?

By engaging with a company who has ISO 9001 certification can provide many benefits, this is because the certification signifies that they have implemented and maintain a Quality Management System in accordance with international standards. Below is a list of advantages that include yet aren’t limited to;

  1. Quality Assurance – ISO 9001 certification is a testament to a company’s commitment to quality. It shows a company has established processes in place to ensure a consistent and reliable product/service. This means that every aspect of the project, from initial design to final fit-out, will be subject to a systematic approach to quality management. It ensures that processes are well-defined, documented, and consistently followed throughout the project lifecycle. 
  2. Confidence - It enhances customer confidence, making it easier for the company to attract and retain customers. This is because ISO 9001 certification is seen as a sign of reliability and commitment to quality. By adhering to ISO 9001 standards, office design and fit-out companies can better understand customer needs, communicate effectively with clients, and deliver projects that meet or exceed expectations. 
  3. Improved Processes – as the ISO 9001 standard emphasizes a process approach to quality management. Engaging with a certified company can mean that they have well-defined and streamlined processes, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Risk Management - ISO 9001:2015 incorporates a risk-based thinking approach. Certified companies are more likely to have identified and managed risks and opportunities related to their processes, leading to better risk management.  Undertaking office fit out projects and workplace refurbishments can be a daunting responsibility for the client, by having a strong risk managment strategy in place you know that the project will be carried out safely, on time and on budget.
  5. Continuous improvement - places a strong emphasis on continual improvement. Engaging with a certified company may mean that they are proactive in identifying areas for improvement, leading to better products or services over time. This focus on continual improvement encourages office design and fit-out companies to identify areas for enhancement, implement corrective actions, and strive for excellence in project delivery. 
  6. Efficient Problem Resolution - With a documented and structured approach to handling nonconformities and corrective actions, ISO 9001 certified companies are often more effective in identifying and resolving issues promptly.  Problems do arise during a construction project, whether it be unforeseen issues with the existing building, poor quality workmanship or poor cost management, ISO 9001 improves the process in which problems are resolved.
  7. Employee Engagement - Certification requires a commitment to employee involvement and competence. Engaging with a certified company may mean that employees are well-trained and engaged in the quality management process.
  8. Cost Efficiency - Improved processes, reduced waste, and efficient resource utilization can lead to cost savings. Engaging with an ISO 9001 certified company may translate into cost-efficient operations.  This means you have the knowledge that the office fit out or refurbishment is being run efficiently without costly time or budget wastage. 

Do you have a project you would like to discuss?  Contact Officeinsight today.

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