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Officeinsight completes office design in Warrington

Officeinsight completes office design in Warrington

Officeinsight completes office design in Warrington

The office design Brief

Mileway consulted with Officeinsight to design their new office in Warrington to cater to their expansion plans.  

There were 2 main factors for the office design and layout:

Hybrid working

Like many companies, Mileway, have embraced hybrid working, they were looking for an office design that maximised the floor space.  Flexibility was also a high priority, so the office space could be utilised for formal meetings, informal collaboration, workstations, bar and a kitchen breakout area.

Office interior design consistency

Another important factor forming the office design brief was that look and feel of the office design needs to be consistent with their recently fitted out London office.

Office design for Mileway in WarringtonOffice design for Mileway in Warrington


The Result from the office design in Warrington

By focusing the design on these 2 key areas the new office design in Warrington was a success summarised as follows:

1. Brand Identity Reinforcement

Consistency in office design helps reinforce the brand identity for Mileway. When employees and visitors step into any of their office locations, they will immediately recognise and resonate with the company's values, culture, and brand image. Consistent office design elements such as colour schemes, logo placement, and interior aesthetics play a pivotal role in conveying a unified brand message across different locations.

2. Cohesive Work Environment

Mileway have proven that consistent office design fosters a cohesive work environment that promotes collaboration, productivity, and a sense of belonging among employees. Regardless of the office location, employees feel familiar and comfortable in their surroundings, which has resulted in streamlined workflows, increased communication, and improved teamwork across teams and departments.

3. Employee Experience and Engagement

Office design consistency contributes to a positive employee experience by creating a sense of continuity and stability. Employees who work across different office locations should feel equally valued and supported, regardless of where they are based. Consistent design elements, layout configurations, and amenities ensure that employees can seamlessly transition between different work environments without experiencing disruptions or discomfort.

4. Operational Efficiency

Consistency in office design streamlines operational processes and facilities management across multiple locations. Standardized layouts, furniture configurations, and equipment specifications simplify the procurement, maintenance, and repair processes, reducing overall costs and resource allocation. Moreover, consistent design standards enable better utilisation of space and resources, optimising the efficiency of each office location.

5. Client and Visitor Perception

Consistent office design enhances the perception of professionalism, reliability, and quality among Mileway’s clients, partners, and visitors. A cohesive visual identity across multiple offices instils confidence in stakeholders and reinforces the company's commitment to excellence and attention to detail. It also reflects positively on the organization's reputation and credibility in the eyes of external audiences.

6. Flexibility and Scalability

A consistent and uniform office design framework provides flexibility and scalability for Mileway’s future growth and expansion. As the company evolves and expands into new markets or geographic regions, a standardized design approach facilitates the seamless integration of new office locations into the existing ecosystem. It allows for easy adaptation to changing business needs, regulatory requirements, and technological advancements while maintaining the integrity of the brand identity.


Office design in Warrington for MilewayOffice design in Warrington for Mileway


Overall the office design project has been a huge success, the design and fit out was completed on time and on budget.  The client is delighted with the new office space and the new workplace design.   This is a classic example of where an office design not only looks impressive, but works well within the companies overall growth plans and provides Mileway with an advantage when achieving strategic growth goals.

For more information on this office design project in Warrington please view the case study here. 

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